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Item #: INDSPE-E001
Title: Professionalism and Ethics in the Practice of Engineering
Provider: Indiana Society of Professional Engineers
Author: Vincent P. Drnevich
Author Vincent P. Drnevich
Vincent P. Drnevich, P.E., Ph.D., Dist. M.ASCE, Professor Emeritus of Purdue University and the University of Kentucky, Fellow, NSPE, Past President of the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers and a member of the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
Price: 30.00
Credit Hrs: 1.00
Level: 1 - Fundamental
Rating: (723 Reviews)


The course explains why ethics are important, gives an overview of professional codes of ethics, describes the rules of professional conduct in the Indiana Statues and Rules, provides guidance for making value-laden decisions, and shows the value of professional and technical societies in maintaining ethical health fitness. This course fulfills the rule requiring one hour on ethics applicable to the practice of professional engineering.








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Learning Objectives

a. Know about Codes of Ethics and the roles they play

b. Be aware of the Indiana Statues and Rules associated with professional conduct in engineering practice
c. Know how to access them

d. Have a systematic process for solving ethical dilemmas

e. See the value of professional and technical organizations in the engineering profession
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