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Item #: INDSPE-R001
Title: Indiana Statutes and Rules for Professional Engineering Licensure
Provider: Indiana Society of Professional Engineers
Author: Vincent P. Drnevich
Author Vincent P. Drnevich
Vincent P. Drnevich, P.E., Ph.D., Dist. M.ASCE, Professor Emeritus of Purdue University and the University of Kentucky, Fellow, NSPE, Past President of the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers and a member of the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
Price: 30.00
Credit Hrs: 1.00
Level: 1 - Fundamental
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This course explains the role of the statutes created by the Indiana Legislature concerning the profession and the role of the Registration Board for Professional Engineers in making and administering rules contained in Administrative Code 864 IAC for engineering.  This version of the course includes:  information on Indiana Statues and Rules that apply to the Practice of Engineering, the process for becoming a professional engineer, the newly adopted Computer-Based Tests for the FE exam, the Continuing Engineering Education Rules adopted in 2010 and updated in 2014.  It also fu...

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Learning Objectives


a.      Indiana Code vs Indiana Administrative Code
b.      Selected Statutes and Rules applied to the Practice of Engineering
c.       Recent Changes to the Rules
d.      Results of Renewal Audits
e.       Board Structure, Appointments and Future Issues
f.        Closing Comments, Questions and Discussion


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