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Item #: INDSPE-G001
Title: Mapping Your Carbon Footprint
Provider: Indiana Society of Professional Engineers
Author: Kelly Weger
Author Kelly Weger
 Kelly Weger, RA, LEED AP, Purdue Technical Assistance Program - Lead Project Specialist
 Kelly works with companies throughout the state of Indiana providing trusted advice and technical assistance to manufacturers and other businesses. Through consulting and training, she implements solutions to help companies increase efficiencies and reduce waste within their entire organization. Kelly specializes in building technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainability. She is a Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, as designated by the U.S. Green Building Council; Kelly uses these skills to help businesses to identify opportunities and prioritize the best approach for both immediate and long term benefits. She also draws upon the Purdue brain trust to provide unique and innovative solutions for complex technological problems and business development issues
Price: 30.00
Credit Hrs: 1.00
Level: 1 - Fundamental
Rating: (10 Reviews)


For a variety of reasons, many companies are starting to
voluntarily track their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to establish their
carbon footprint. However, most of these companies struggle with determining
what emissions should be included in the GHG inventory and how to determine
their GHG emissions in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalence. This
presentation will help clear up the confusions and uncertainties concerning the
establishment of a carbon footprint and provide the structure and traits of a
well-established voluntary GHG accounting program.

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